About Me

Hi, I am Johanne

My introduction to Nutritional Therapy happened when seeking solutions to my health issues following cancer treatment in 2012. 

I began to research how best to support my health during my treatment and in February 2013 embarked on making changes to my diet and eating healthier. Hand on heart I can tell you that 6 weeks later I was off my medication. Enthused and amazed by this I continued and 6 months later was feeling energised, my skin glowed so much that people were commenting on it!  I noticed that the rheumatism in my left knee was gone, the stiffness in my joints I experienced on rising in the mornings was gone, the heartburn I suffered from on and off was a thing of the past and the extra bonus was I had lost 1 ½ stone in weight !

I was so impressed and captivated by just how positive and powerful making changes to my diet lent to my recovery, that it led me to register for extensive training in the field of Nutrition at the Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin, where I qualified as a Nutrition and Lifestyle coach in 2016  and continued on to complete a 3 year Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, graduating in 2020.

I now want to share my knowledge with others who have a health challenge or those of you who are doing your best to optimise your health to remain free from chronic illness.