Nutrition & Lifestyle Programs


Your one to one conversation can be in person or by video link such as Zoom, Messenger or WhatsApp. The process is generally as follows:-

Following the 1st consultation you will be provided with a tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan, including recipes, to follow for an agreed duration (typically 3 to 6 weeks).

At the 2nd consultation we review progress and add to or amend the plan as required to achieve your health goal.

Depending on progress and health issues, you may need a longer period of support, typically from 3 months to 1 year. The number of consultations required can vary. 

Food Demos & Workshops

I have done workshops on fermentation where the participants made their own sauerkraut or salsa and went home with their own SCOBY equipped with the knowledge on how to make their own kombucha. During the workshop I talk about the microbiome and gut health.

In my raw plant based demo I show you how to make your own dairy free milks, granola, savoury snacks, tacos and more.  The best bit is you get to sit at the table and enjoy the output from the morning.

Watch out for future events by following my Facebook Page .  I can also design bespoke demos to your particular interests.

Feel free to contact me.


Group Talks

Talks on nutrition, lifestyle and advice on topics ranging from heart health , supporting immune system, digestive health to hormone health.

Adapted to community groups, schools, corporate etc.

Contact me to discuss further.