"The advice I received from Health with Food has made a real difference to my health and wellbeing. I enjoyed working through the process with Johanne and learned a lot about how my food and sleep habits were impacting my health and life in general. Johanne has a lovely, warm approach and takes the time to really understand what is going on. She provided me with great insights, practical advice and plans which I have found easy to implement in my daily life. I would highly recommend Health with Food.
Orla Nathan
Feb 2020

"Johanne has had a life changing impact on my life. Having suffered from Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria for over 10 years and being on daily medication, she educated and advised me on a low gluten / dairy and histamine diet. I am now med-free, my hives are under control & I feel so good. Looking forward to experimenting with all these yummy recipes! Heartfelt thanks."
Elaine Grant
Mar 2020
"Before I met Johanne I would have said that I was somewhat of a healthy eater, but it quickly became apparent after my first consultation that this was not so true. Having listened to my issues, Johanne with her wealth of knowledge and experience was able to identify my problem areas and was able to customise a plan for me as an individual. This not only included an eating plan but also a lifestyle plan. The food plan incorporated the introduction and importance of rainbow foods to my diet, which has not only changed my eating habits but the eating habits of my whole family. Johanne’s warm friendly nature and clear explanations have the effect of helping you make forever eating and lifestyle changes, not just flash in the pan changes. Thank you Johanne for opening our eyes to colourful healthy foods, Bye bye beige food ! Hello to the colours of the rainbow on our plates! Eternally grateful"
Trevor Despard
Jan 2020
A couple of years ago I sat across the table having lunch with Johanne and there couldn’t have been a more distinct contract to how we ate our food. Johanne was slow, relaxed and savoured every bite – by contrast, I was rushed, barely noticed what I ate and definitely NOT relaxed. It really struck me. At the time I was stressed, not feeling very healthy, prone to eating foods that gave a short term fix to my low energy levels and life felt like a slog. I also slept badly. Johanne helped me look at my whole lifestyle, what was causing my ‘constant, low level stress’ as she described it, what food I ate, how I ate, why I ate and when I ate. She sowed seeds in my brain that have grown and changed my life – literally. Today I am healthy in mind and body - I have lost three stone, I exercise daily, I eat a wonderful flavoursome rainbow diet, my stress is under control and I sleep well. I can’t thank Johanne enough.”
Gina Connell
Oct 2020